Your dream horse awaits you!

When Spumanti opened in 2009, owner Christina Caporale set out in search of a combination of the best bloodlines, conformation, temperament and most importantly movement that she could find. Her journey lead her directly to the heart of the Friesian breed, the Netherlands. Christina works closely with her connections in Europe to regularly seek out the best horses to breed and import. 

Because of Christina’s diligent research and her eye for the selection process, her breeding program has become a success. Spumanti now prides itself on having some of the finest quality Freisian horses in the Unites States. Christina also specializes in breeding, importing and selling exquisite warmbloods and provides top notch care for her Equine family.

Whether it is a riding horse, show horse or breeding horse, Spumanti will work to find the right fit for your needs.